Quick Reviews – Adventure Novels

In Order by Rating

Conan and the Spider God (L. Sprague De Camp, 1980) Although this is not a story by Robert E. Howard, it feels like it could have been. It reads fast like a prototypical adventure book. This novel fills in a few gaps and helps connect a larger narrative for the barbarian warrior king. More importantly, it’s a clever, entertaining Conan story that never tries too hard. Rating: 800 [Posted 12/15/19]

Haakon: The Golden Ax (Eric Neilson, 1984) It’s the dip into the supernatural that brings this realistic (for a non-scholar) story up a notch. The action wanes in the second half but the fantastic clamorous start and strong ending make up for it. Rating: 720 [Posted 12/15/19]

The Spell Sword (Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1974) When reading this novel it often feels like it could be more, but it settles in as a better than average “save the princess” tale. Rating: 650 [Posted 12/15/19]