Videogames – Ultimate Spider-Man


The first real challenge in Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2, 2005) is when you, as Spider-Man, have to race Johnny Storm a.k.a. the Human Torch around New York City.  There is no question that Spidey is as fast as snot but there’s no way he could outpace Hothead in a race like this.  On the other hand, it’s ridiculous for me to expect realism from a videogame about a comic book.

As I struggled to complete this challenge, I started to wonder if this is a race against the Torch or just a race against time.  I can’t bump or impede the Torch in any way (as you might in racing games like Mario Kart) so, it makes sense to me that it’s simply a time challenge and as long as I get to the finish line before the time runs out, I will win.  But perhaps, the time is adjusted based on your skill or how fast you start.  Does the Torch have a constant rate of speed?  Or does it even matter what the Torch does in this challenge?