Novels – Wolfbane

I believe Wolfbane (1957), a novel by Frederick Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth, had an enormous impact on the creation of The Matrix film by the Wachowskis. Perhaps this didn’t happen directly and I’m not saying that the Wachowskis are hacks. All great ideas are built on others. Regardless, there are so many vivid images in the Pohl and Kornbluth novel that come to life in much the same way as the Wachowskis movie that I have to call it out. I plan to write more about that in the future but in my most recent reading of this novel, something else occurred to me. There is a strong connection between Wolfbane and the television show Sense8. Here is a line from the Wolfbane wikipedia page in the plot summary of the novel:

“… eight minds joined together to facilitate more complex tasks than a single human Component could manage.”

Could you summarize Sense8 any better than that? Who are the creators of Sense8? Yep, the Wachowskis. Again, not a knock on them but an opportunity to lift up a great novel that has outsized influence when compared to its popularity.