About – The Hoard

I’ve amassed a lot of cool stuff. Mainly because it’s difficult to let go. And I’ve felt a lingering regret about the few things I have let go. My stacks of Nintendo Power magazine, gone. My first computer, the TI-99/4A, gone. My Six Million Dollar Man action figure, gone! To avoid certain despair, I’ve learned to hold on to nearly everything remotely cool.

So now I have my own hoard of treasures. Books, Comics, Gamebooks, Miniatures, Role Playing Games, Videogames. Many of these have become not just cool but retro cool simply because I’ve had them a long time. I add to the hoard when I see a good deal but I try to be selective. At least until I can acquire a Bag of Holding.

The problem is, and yes I live in an incredibly privileged society to use the word problem, I want to enjoy it all. I want to read or play them all and think, learn and write about them all and make connections among them all. Yet I’m limited in time, energy and focus. And I wonder if it will be as fulfilling as I imagine.

Regardless, I’ve decided to reacquaint myself with the hoard by reexamining each item and writing about it. Almost as if I’m reacquiring each treasure. For fun I will sometimes give an item a rating, on a scale of zero to whatever, to use for comparisons and rankings. Read on as I rediscover the cool retro stuff I love.