About – The Design

It has been difficult to decide on a purpose, an underlying design for this site. There are many things I want to accomplish and I can’t seem to settle on one. Until that time comes I will simply post what’s on my mind and post regularly.

So far there’s…

All Things Ranked – which allows me to evaluate and rank anything I want without using a predetermined scale. I know this is heresy but get over it! For me, this ranking is more comparative than criterion based.

Videogame Short Review – which makes me feel as though I can write about games while still spending the bulk of my time actually playing them.

Commentary Collected – which is a collection (mess) of notes about things I enjoy.

My Inventories – which gives me a list of what I have so I don’t accidentally buy the same things again.

I may develop…

Skirmish! – a game of miniature/card/dice battle that is original in its diversity of stolen ideas.

GameStory – a paper and pencil roleplaying game for applying standards based mathematics.

Or perhaps some some projects like…

GAD – starting and journaling first impressions on one videogame each day.

San Antonio Spurs Retro Videogame Project – playing those retro basketball games as the mighty Spurs.